Unsolvable: Rupture

Posted on December 16, 2011


The man opened his eyes and saw white. He sat up and looked around. Nothing but infinite white. He looked down at his clothes; the same dark blue jeans and long sleeved black shirt he had on before. He looked at the front and back of his hands; then felt his face, his hair, and ran his fingers down from his chest to his abdomen. Everything seemed in order. He looked around again.

“What the hell?”

A chuckle. He looked behind him. Another man stood there, dressed in all black cargo pants and dress shirt, opened enough to reveal his chest, his hair tousled. He grinned big.

“That’s its name.”

“Don’t wear it out?” The man said as he stood to face him. The man chuckled again; a low menacing rumble.

“Eman Singles,” he began. “That’s clever.” He shrugged. “I think so, anyway. But when I’m done with you, you’ll wanna’ change your name to Eman Ing.”

Eman laughed. “I see. So, you’re going to turn me into a homosexual and have me marry a chink?”

The man scowled at him. “No, smart-ass. I’m-”

“Gonna’ change me. Ha”


Now Eman scowled at him. In a low, angry whisper, he said, “What?”

“Meaningless. Meaningless. Meaningless.”

“Shut up.”

“Meaningless. Meaningless. Meaningless.”

Eman’s scowl turned into a homicidal stare. He snapped his fingers and a large ax appeared in his right hand. The man’s expression turned to shock. Then he smiled slyly.

“You wanna kill me?” He taunted, and spread his arms wide. “Huh?!” He roared. “Then do it!”

Eman grasped the ax in both hands, rose it above his head and, with all his might, brought it down on the man’s chest. Blood spewed all over his face and clothing. With a steady flow of blood oozing from his mouth, the man looked at the ax lodged into his chest. Then he looked back up at Eman, his face contorted with shock, confusion and pain.

“How…” He  slowly fell to his knees. “Come…”

Still gripping the ax with both hands, Eman braced his foot on the man’s chest and pushed. The ax came free, and the man was sprawled onto his back. He grasped his bloody chest and groaned.

“I…” With the last bit of his strength, he roared, “Can feel it?!”

Eman walked over to his side and stomped on his chest. The man cried out in agony as crimson spewed from his mouth. Eman knelt down, set aside the ax, and brought his face an inch away from the man’s.

In a whisper he said, “Because,” he drove his hand into the man’s wound as he spoke. Blood overflowed from the corners of his mouth as he cried out in pain. He felt Eman’s hand digging into his chest and became nauseous. “I…” Eman grasped his heart. The man nearly fainted. “Am a damned soul beyond your jurisdiction.”

He tore his heart out, and his eyes rolled into his head. Eman looked at his beating heart, which was covered in black splotches and sludge. He stood up, and then threw the heart at the floor. It splattered everywhere in a black, slimy mess. Something shiny gleamed. A gold key. Eman quickly snatched it up as the slimy matter quickly reassembled itself. Eman picked the heart up and dropped it on the man. It slowly sunk through the man’s chest and disappeared. His eyes rolled back, and he gasped. Sitting up, he looked at Eman, and then the key and asked, “Who are you? And how did you know about that?”

“Like I said, I’m beyond you jurisdiction. Now, the door.”

“No way, fuck you.”

“You wanna’ keep your heart?”

The man glared at him. He sighed, and snapped his fingers. A brown door appeared just behind him. Eman walked over to it and unlocked it. He looked back at the man and threw him the key. It landed next to him, but he didn’t bother to grab it, or even watch Eman go. Eman opened the door and walked through. The door shut and disappeared into the infinite white.

The man threw his head back and laughed.

To be continued…

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