Unsolvable: Rupture Part 3

Posted on January 2, 2012


Eman looked at Seth through the observation window on the door. He felt a stabbing feeling in his gut.

“Interesting case, that one,” said Doctor Stevens, who stood next to him wearing a white lab coat. Eman shot him a nasty look.

“You bastard!” Eman tackled him to the ground and wrapped his hands around Stevens’ throat.

“I know what you are!” Eman shouted. “Stop fucking with me!”

Stevens struggled to speak. “Please..” he managed. “I’m…not…who..you…think I am!”

Eman slammed his head on the floor. Stevens grunted in pain. “Are you not the Counterpart?!” Eman roared.

“Not…the…one…” Stevens began to lose consciousness. Eman let go. Stevens took a long breath and blinked rapidly. Then he looked at Eman with wide eyes. “You almost…you must be one of them.”

“What are you talking about?” Eman asked as he stood up. Stevens stood up, took a few steps back, and snapped his fingers. A small white table and chairs appeared between them. “Sit, and let’s talk.” They both sat down.

“First of all,” Eman began, looking past Stevens, and then behind him, and seeing an endless white hallway with doors on either side in both directions. “Where am I?” He looked back at Stevens.

“That’s a good question,” he began. “No one really knows what this place is. It’s a big mystery that even God cannot solve.”

Eman looked at him suspiciously. “How the hell do you exist here and not know what this place is?”

Stevens shrugged. “We just call it the Realm and leave it at that. Trying to figure it out only drives us crazy.”

“Hold on, we? Us?”

“The Counterparts.”

“You mean it’s not just one asshole calling all the shots?”

Stevens shook his head. “No. Not anymore at least.”


Stevens sighed. “It was God’s bit at saving humanity. Since humans started relying on science and rationality to explain their world, everything He did was explained away as cause and effect. And, of course, according to His rules, if a human doesn’t believe in him, they are not let into Heaven. To stop this, He started what we now call the Counterpart Project.”

Stevens looked at Eman expectantly. “Go on,” Eman said.

“God created the Angel Counterpart, who resembled a solid white human, except without a face, hair, etcetera, and gave it the ability to create other solid white counterparts and absorb the negative energy that plagues any given human mind. Since the Angel Counterpart couldn’t penetrate the mind and risk being destroyed, it had to find a place between Existence and Death.”

“The realm of dreams?”

“Not quite. Dreams are controlled by the mind. This realm borders the realm of dreams on one side, and the realm of death on the other. The Angel Counterpart baits the negative energy, luring it into this realm, and then absorbs it.”

“Why not destroy it?”

“As the humans figured out, nothing can be destroyed, just turned into a different form. Therefore, the energy couldn’t be destroyed, nor turned into positive energy.”

“Why not?”

“Both negative and positive energies cannot be transformed into their opposites. They can only be substituted for one another.”

“I see. So what happened with the Counterpart?”

Stevens shook his head, looking disappointed. “The Angel Counterpart amassed its army of Counterparts to spread throughout this Realm and absorb the negative energy. The problem was, the Counterparts were in essence only parts of the original. The Angel Counterpart controlled them; heard what they heard, saw what they saw, learned what they learned, and…” Stevens trailed off.

“Let me guess,” Eman said. “Absorbed the negative energy they absorbed.”

Stevens nodded. “It wasn’t long before the Angel Counterpart became self-aware, developed a personality and desires. It desired the human form I’m sure you’ve seen before, and a need for fulfillment. That’s when it stopped simply absorbing the negative energy, and started toying with it, tormenting those poor minds.”

“So, if this Realm is like a beehive, with the Angel Counterpart being the queen, and the other Counterparts being the worker bees, how do you have autonomy right now?”

“He temporarily gave up control over us while he searches for a way to control the human mind.”

“How does he plan to do that?”

“By using your brother. Seth.”

Eman looked at him intently. “Earlier you said I was one of them. What did you mean?”

“You, Cate, and Seth are what we call the Savior Project. You are God’s plan to stop the Angel Counterpart.”

“Why doesn’t God stop him himself?”

“Because, being this Realm’s most powerful being, he sealed if off from God. The Angel Counterpart is the god of this Realm.”

“Okay. So what makes Cate, Seth and I so special?”

Steven leaned in close, and his face beamed. “Because, normally negative energy manifests itself in a mind after its creation. Your minds were created with negative energy. Well,” he sat back. “You and Cate’s minds were only partially created with negative energy. Though Seth’s mind was created entirely with negative energy, which his brain couldn’t handle. That’s why he is the way he is. But his negative mind is a lethal weapon. It destroyed his Counterpart, and it has the power to destroy the Angel Counterpart.”

Stevens suddenly threw up blood on the table. “Shit,” he said, staring with wide eyes at the blood. “I’ve said too much.” He looked at Eman, who looked shocked. Blood began flowing from his nose and tear ducts.

“Figure out how to use Seth’s mind to destroy the Angel Counterpart!”

Stevens grabbed his head and started screaming in agony. Eman stood and took a few steps back. A small beam of light appeared in the center of Stevens’ chest. It quickly expanded, consuming Stevens in blinding light. A moment later the light disappeared, along with Stevens. Eman stood there for a moment, staring in disbelief at the empty chair where Stevens had sat. Then he walked over to the door to Seth’s room and looked through the window again.




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