Unsolvable: Rupture Part 4

Posted on January 5, 2012



The voice was a distant whisper.


A little closer now. She was barely conscious.


It taunted her. She slowly opened her eyes. Everything was white and blurry.


Cate sat up and looked around. Hers widened. “No…” She whispered.


Cate looked to her left. The Counterpart stood over her, hands on hips, smiling fiendishly.

“Tell me Cate, you ever wondered why your life was such a shit hole?”

She looked at him angrily and snapped her fingers. “No.”

The scenery turned into the edge of a cliff, which Cate sat on. The Counterpart fell, arms and legs spread, laughing.

“Really?” He shouted back up at her.

“Really,” she said to herself, and snapped her fingers. A giant boulder appeared over the Counterpart. She imagined his arrogant smile had faded.

“Not really.”

Cate looked behind her. There he stood, still smiling. He began walking toward her. “It’s always fun to see what you humans come up with to try and destroy me. It’s always something new and exciting.”

The Counterpart stopped. It felt like the bottom end of a cold soda can was being pressed on the back of his head. He reached back to find out what it was.


The shotgun discharged, and his head exploded in a gory mass of blood, brain matter and bone fragments. Most of which ended up on Cate. The body fell forward before her. She spat on the dirt and looked up at Eman.

“Really, Eman?”

“Sorry honey.”

She looked at the headless corpse in front of her and stood. She closed her eyes, resisting the urge to vomit.

“Make it go away.”

She heard Eman snap his fingers twice. She opened her eyes. The corpse was gone. She looked at Eman, confused.

“Why’d you snap your fingers twice?”

“To clear all that stuff off your beautiful face.”

He walked up to her and kissed her. Their lips were locked for a long moment before they parted. She smiled at him, and he at her.

“You always were pretty cheesy.”

Eman rolled his eyes. “Thanks.” He snapped his fingers. A red door appeared behind him.

“How did you find me?” Cate asked.

Eman unlocked the door with a key he pulled out of his pocket. He looked back at Cate and took her hand. With his other hand, he grasped the doorknob and turned it.

“I’ll show you,” he said. And they walked through the door.

Eman and Cate entered a dimly lit concrete bunker. In the corner next to them was a lantern on a wooden crate. Stacked all around the bunker were munition boxes, opened wooden crates containing various automatic weapons. Cate held Eman close.

“Why are we in a bunker?”

“Because there’s a war going on.”

A man in all black military fatigues stepped out of the darkness before them. He looked at Eman and nodded, then looked back at Cate.

“The Angel Counterpart created an army of mindless Counterparts loyal to him in order to hold off the rest the Counterparts who already mimicked human minds.”

“Who is the Angel Counterpart?”

“Our creator.”

“But if he’s your creator, couldn’t…”

Cate couldn’t finish the thought.

“Yes, he could destroy us. But he would have to take control of all of us again to do so. To create a Counterpart, he only has to will it into existence, and he can will as many of them into existence at one time as he pleases.”

“What about to take control again?”

“To take control of us would take a while. We have our own wills now. He’d have to break our wills before taking complete control again. And our wills are strong.”

An explosion sounded outside, followed by heavy gunfire.

“Shit.” The man grabbed his magnum from its holster. “You two stay here!” He turned to run when Cate called after him.

“Wait! Do you have your own names too?”

The man nodded. “The human I mimicked was called Jimmy.”  He then ran into the darkness.

Cate and Eman sat near the crate with the lantern and held each other tight.

After a few moments of sitting in silence, save for the muffled sounds of battle outside, Cate spoke.

“You said you were going to show me how you found me.”

“I did. Jimmy showed me the door that led to you.”

“How did you meet him?”

“I was in a psych ward in another part of the Realm when he appeared.”

“Psych ward?”

“Yeah. Seth was there, along with another Counterpart. A doctor…” His voice trailed off. Stevens’ death replayed in his mind.  Cate nudged him.

“What happened, hun?”

” He had told me Seth’s mind was the key to destroying the Angel Counterpart. Then he…he was…destroyed.”

“How is Seth’s mind the key?”

“Because it was made up entirely of negative energy. That’s how we have the upper hand here, except our mind’s were only made up partially with negative energy.”

Cate was silent for a few minutes, taking all of it in. The she spoke again. “So I don’t get how Jimmy found you.”

“Jimmy somewhat mentioned this, but the way it works here is like a beehive. The Angel Counterpart sees, hears, feels, and knows what all the Counterparts know. And the same goes for the Counterparts themselves.”

“So every other Counterpart knew where you were.”


“What about Seth?”

“He’s in the medical bay down the hall.”


The sounds of battle died down a little. Cate yawned and shut her eyes, her head resting on Eman’s shoulder. It wasn’t long before she was asleep. Eman stayed awake, thinking about Seth and the Angel Counterpart.

He whispered to himself. “What am I going to do?”

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