Unsolvable: The Angel Counterpart

Posted on January 11, 2012


The first thing I remember was a flash of light; white and blinding. Then I was surrounded by darkness, but I instantly knew what it was. Space. I knew little, but everything I looked at was accompanied by a sudden burst of knowledge about it. I had seen little twinkling lights spread throughout the darkness. Stars. There were also various spheres of different sizes and colors. Planets. Moons. One in particular stood out to me. It was gigantic, bright, and gave off heat. The sun. I turned my head, and saw another planet, by far the most beautiful and majestic I had seen up to that point. Earth. Then all the information that had been stored in my mind came to my awareness.

I am the Angel Counterpart, created by God. The sole purpose of my existence is to save humanity.  I am to create an army of lesser angels in my image, and find a way to eradicate the negative energy plaguing so many minds. 

For many of Earth’s rotations, I flew over the human’s many great cities, studying the humans, witnessing their atrocious acts. There wasn’t much beauty to be witnessed amongst the human civilizations. I needed to act quickly, for many lives were lost each day. Sadly, very few went on to Heaven.

I settled at the top of a mountain, crossed my legs and folded my hands. God had given me enormous will power, as such was essential to creating my army. I wondered if I could use to it to find a realm between the Realm of Dreams and the realm of Death. I sat on that mountain for many rotations, thinking and thinking and thinking…

There was no realm between the realms of Dreams and Death. At least not until I had created it. I did it absentmindedly. I was in such deep thought, wishing to find a realm, that I accidentally willed one into existence. The portal for the realm opened before me, big enough to fit a grown human male, which is what I resembled, minus all of the extra features humans have; such as eyes, hair, mouth, ears, etcetera. I was solid white.

I stepped through the portal, and found myself surrounded by an infinite white. I then willed my army into existence. Billions of lesser angels appeared before me, down on one knee, heads bowed. They were ready to carry out the work of God.

“Go,” I thought, and I knew they all heard my thoughts. “Find the negativity that plagues this world. Lure it from the Realm of Dreams as the humans sleep and destroy it.”

I then learned, after a few unsuccessful attempts by my lesser angels, or counterparts, that negative energy couldn’t be destroyed. I ordered them to absorb it instead, despite all of it eventually coming back to me.

I figured I would deal with it later. Humanity’s salvation was more important to me back then. If only I had known the consequences…

-The Angel Counterpart’s last message to God before sealing the Realm’s portal.

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