Unsolvable: The Guilt

Posted on February 4, 2012


Another Tale from the Unsolvable Universe.

Introducing Co-Author Charlotte M. Chaos

She awoke to a loud bang. Sitting up and looking around, she couldn’t recall how she ended up in a hospital. Then it hit her. Surgery. But where were the surgeons? Where was anybody? She pulled the IV from her arm and quickly applied pressure, but not without losing a lot of blood first. Strangely, she felt indifferent to the site of it. There were more important things to be concerned with. She got off the surgery table, holding her gown closed in the back. She called out.


There was the bang again. She walks closer to the door, unsure of the source of the noise. She clutches her arm tighter with each step. Her head spins as she turns the knob of the door. With one swift motion, she turns the knob all the way and jerks the door open. She surveys the room for a moment. Nothing seemed out of place. The hospital was completely normal, aside from the missing residents. Instead of unnerving her, she felt relieved. She didn’t know what she would have done had she come face to face with whatever made the noise. A chill runs down her spine, and she turns around. Her eyes go wide and a gasp escapes her lips. Her knees go weak, making her unable to run.

But just as quickly as her strength escaped her, it returned. Run! Her mind screamed. And she did. Going as fast as her legs could take her, she darted across the room and through the double doors, ending up in the hallway. She looked left, right. Her heart raced, her breathing was quick, and her senses heightened. Empty in both directions, yet her instincts told her right. She took off down the hallway, her bare feet slapping against the cold tile floor. She rounded the corner and didn’t look back.

She comes to a stop as she passes a supply closet. She opens the door and throws herself into it. She pants hard and looks frantically around her. Her heart was racing and her arm was still bleeding. Desperate not to black out, she finds a package of gauze to wrap around her arm. It was bleeding more profusely now, as her heart rate had gone up. She wraps the gauze tightly around her, and fastens it quickly. The closet goes fuzzy, and she realized she was too late. The walls went black, and she fell into the darkness.

She awoke to the bang again. This time just outside the door. Her mind screamed at her. No! Not here! Don’t die here! She quickly got to her feet and reached for the doorknob. Her heart began racing again, the adrenaline coursing through her veins. This closet wasn’t going to be her tomb. She threw the door open, and there it loomed. A beast of unimaginable proportions.Her eyes widened, and a scream unwillingly slips from her throat. A large, pitch-black creature stares down at her with menacing red eyes. It appeared to be a shadow like creature. It stretched up the wall and covered the doorway. She felt faint looking up at this gigantic monster. She began to panic as she realized, there was no way out.

But her will to survive remained undaunted. She snapped her fingers. The surroundings changed from a supply closet to a beach. She stood with hands on hips, staring at the shadow beast before her. Her lips formed a smile as the beast screeched and howled from pain of the sun’s rays. “Nooo!” it roared. Then she heard the all-to-familiar sound of fingers snapping. Her eyes widened.

The sun faded behind black clouds. The shadow laughed as he grew in size. Knocking her down on her back.
“Do you think someone as weak minded as you can take me down?” his menacing voice boomed as the world around her turned into a pitch black sea. It swept her up, carrying her closer to the monster. She could barely keep herself above the darkness. “You know a secret” he snarled at her. “And I’m going to make sure it dies with you.” The dark waves crashed over her head. The black water flooded her lungs and her sight as she sank down towards the bottom of the sea. She weakly raises her hand, and just before her last bit of air escapes from her mouth, she snaps her fingers.

They stood on the surface of the sun. She was impervious to its heat and brightness, but the shadow creature was not. It roared and howled louder than before as flames slowly began to consume it. But the creature’s will was strong as well.
“Fool,” it rasped. She knew what would come next. “I am Delictum!” They both snapped their fingers.

The atmosphere around them spun. She found herself in a familiar place, her hometown. But something was different: Everything was completely still. She looked around wearily, knowing full well that Delictum was around. She walked down the street, but everything was quiet. She felt strange, almost like this was someone else’s memory. She knew everything around her, the parks, the school, her home, but in a different way. She shivered slightly. What secret was he talking about? She thought about it for a moment.

Suddenly there was a stabbing feeling in her stomach that brought her to her knees. She remembered everything. Her name was Amelia. She died when she was twenty. She and Seth had just become engaged, and he was taking her out to her favorite restaurant when it happened. A drunk driver ran a stop sign as they drove through a four way intersection. He was driving a large truck, and the whole right side of Seth’s small car was smashed. She was killed instantly.

She staggers to a pole, to keep from falling to the ground. A tear runs down her face as the memories come flooding back.
“You will never win” whispers the shadow from behind her, and she hears a snap. She finds herself in Seth’s car, speeding down the road. She can’t move, her limbs are paralyzed. She hyperventilates, and struggles to break free of Delictum’s hold. “Your secret will die with you.” A light shines in through the window. She looks to the side into the blinding light of a large truck.

Everything went dark for a moment. Then there was a snap of fingers. Amelia came to. She was lying on the pavement. Standing a few feet away from her was Seth, facing Delictum, who seemed to be cowering. Delictum? Afraid? Why? She thought. She got to her feet, and watched in silence as the two faced off.

Seth scoweled at the shadow. “You don’t belong here, Delictum”. Seth took a step forward. Delictum nervously took a step back.
“You don’t know anything, you coward.” Delictum’s mouth curled into a sinister smile. “Your mind is plagued with guilt for what happened to your pathetic girlfriend. You can’t hide your guilt from me. I am guilt. I know your weakness. I will take you down.” Delictum raises his hand, but before he can move, Seth appears right in front of him.
“You’re not doing anything.” Seth rips off Delictum’s arm and tosses it aside.

“This is my mind. You’re not going anywhere.”

Seth snaps his fingers, a shotgun appears in his hand. Seth takes aim at the head. Amelia looks away, and a shot goes off. She stands weakly, and walks towards Seth. He throws the shotgun down, and turns to Amelia. His eyes betray his composure, as she can see how much pain he is hiding. She knows what she has to do. He reaches for her. “Amelia…” His voice trails off.

“I-How-” She pulls away from him.

“Seth, you have to know something.” She looks deeply into his eyes. He looks confused for a moment, then looks at her.

“I’m sor-” he begins.

“Your mind is the key” She interrupts.

“You are the weapon, you have to fight them.” He had a feeling that this wasn’t over, even after going insane.

“Seth, you need to let go.” He whips his head up to look at her.

“Feeling guilty about me puts you at a disadvantage.” He steps closer to her.

“I’m sorry, Seth…” She looks at him sadly. She snaps her fingers, and she disappears in a blinding white light.

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