Noel Alal

Posted on February 9, 2012


It was cold, wet, and crowded. Noel shivered fiercely as he quickly walked down the sidewalk; constantly bumping into people. The funny thing was, no one really cared. “Excuse me. Sorry,” he would say. Yet not one soul bothered to even make eye contact. Why did it have to be so crowded? He thought to himself. He looked up at the towering buildings on either side of him. They all seemed strangely similar; dark, looming, intimidating. He looked back down, not bothering to watch where he was going. It seemed he would run into someone no matter what. Though it wouldn’t be so bad if it weren’t raining. His clothes were thoroughly drenched, all the way down to his socks. He wanted to go inside somewhere, but all the shops were closed. It’s crowded…yet everything is closed…

He looked into the busy street. The traffic was bumper-to-bumper, yet no one yelled or honked their horns. All the drivers seemed frozen in place; sitting up straight, their faces expressionless, their gaze glued to the cars in front of them. That’s when he realized how eerily silent the world around him was.  Noel walked faster, his shoes making squishing noises as he trudged on. There was a whisper.

“Alone,” the voice rasped. Noel stopped and looked around him. No one looked at him. The people around him were as listless as those in the cars. He continued walking, but ever faster now.

“All alone,” the voice was now a taunt. Noel began to run, shoving people out his way. He slipped and fell face-first into the concrete. He pushed himself up, blood mixed with rain dripping from his face. He looked around in a panic. Still no one gave him any attention.

“Looserrr,” the voice taunted. Noel got to his feet and muttered something under his breath.

“What was that?” The voice asked. Noel spun in a complete circle trying to locate the source of the voice. He shook his head.

“Wimp.”  Noel closed his eyes.

“You are no man, ” the voice continued. Noel muttered something else. He heard laughter. It was amused, whatever it was.


That did it. The rage started in his stomach, as a burning sensation. It quickly rose through his chest and throat, until it burst out of his mouth in a thundering roar.


All of the listless figures around him suddenly stopped and faced him. The omnipresent voice chuckled.

“Well, well…”

The people around Noel suddenly began to decay. Pieces of skin sloughed off as they quickly rotted, their eyes bulging out of their sockets, their faces changing from expressionless to ravenously hungry. Tears streamed down Noel’s face, and he swallowed hard.


The monsters hungrily converged on him.

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