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Posted on February 15, 2012


   Dated: Wednesday, February 11, 2009. 10:11 PM

The Will to Achieve

  As the roller coaster came plunging down, the only thing going through my mind was, “Make it stop!” The fear that I felt was overwhelming and yet, afterwards, I wanted to go again. This was my mind set five years ago: carefree and only living for the moment. However that, along with certain physical features, has changed. I now have ambitions for the present day which will hopefully lead to my future ones, and I am not so indifferent.

            In the past, I never really had any thoughts for the future. All I cared about was the present. I lived life to the fullest, doing everything I enjoyed. Hanging out with my friends, watching movies, and eating without regard for my health were the only things I thought and did. However, as the end of 8th grade came along, I was hit with the harsh reality of being unprepared for the future.

         School and hard work were things I never had much interest in, although I realized that those were the only things that would bring me to my future. However I learned this the hard way. During my first few days of 9th grade, I realized I was in classes well below my level. Although, instead of doing well in class so I could be transferred to higher level classes, I felt insulted and didn’t bother to try. Again, I learned I wasn’t going to achieve my future goals by not trying, so I raised my grades.

            Today my ambitions are clear and my will is strong. I wish to become very successful when I leave high school, and I will try my best in order to achieve this. Even despite current personal problems, I am continuing to do everything in my power to do well. In the past, when personal troubles would come along, I would be severely deterred from my work. This shows how much I have changed, and for the better, since five years ago.

            Since the end of 9th grade to the present day, I have set goals for myself and worked my hardest to achieve them. Even during hard times in my life, I have strived to at least try. Giving up and not doing anything is no longer a part of my character. I will always try, no matter what.

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