Posted on March 9, 2012


“We act according to the social expectations of our identities.”

-Garth Sundem

This couldn’t be more true. The whole concept of ‘free will’ is null and void. Everyone is born into a society in which our roles and identities are predetermined. Males are expected to be nothing less than ‘manly’-that is to say, they all must enjoy sports, big trucks, and be cold and emotionless at heart. Females must enjoy all things pink, fluffy, and be completely subservient to men. Right?

For those who disagree, what’s the alternate explanation? Any who act outside the predetermined social standards are ‘outcasts’- a term dating back to early Indian society. Around 513 B.C.E., Indians had developed the caste system as a means to minimize the interactions between hereditary groups. Any who did not fit into any of the castes were labeled outcastes. Eventually the distaste for these persons became so intense that they were considered to be ‘untouchable’ and ‘impure’.

Isn’t it nearly the same for those who don’t fit in today? What voice do they have in a society who is more concerned about Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, texting, and all the useless information their peers have to share? The answer is none. Today’s outcasts are as untouchable as those of early Indian society. All they can do is shut up and follow their roles or live out a pathetic existence. Right?

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