Nice Guys and Not-So-Nice Guys

Posted on March 12, 2012


The old adage that “nice guys finish last” speaks true in a lot of ways. A man that lacks assertiveness generally will get walked on, pushed around, and looked down upon for his less-than-macho ways. He is content with reading books and driving a Toyota Corolla. When dealing with women, he doesn’t know the first thing about showing them how he feels, and normally ends up as the good friend sitting on the sidelines. He may work hard at his job, but continue to make minimum wage, as he isn’t assertive enough in discussions with his manager. All things considered, what is good about being a nice guy? Well, if making a lot of money and starting fights over trivial affairs doesn’t matter a lot, then being a loyal, dedicated man is the way to go.

However, if money and showing whose boss is more important, then a not-so-nice guy is the better route. A man who is more assertive generally earns a lot of respect; better not to look at him the wrong way, and be careful with what is said around him, because not doing so would surely invite his clenched fist in the perpetrator’s face. Also, an assertive man never has to worry about being late, be it for school, work, or a date. He drives a Ford F-150 with a V8 engine and SuperCrew Cab, goes well over the speed limit, and isn’t afraid to tailgate or cut others off. Another perk of being more assertive is not worrying as much about relationships. For the assertive man, there are plenty of women to date, and he often has two or three wrapped around his fingers at any given time. If one decides to leave him, he has others. If they all leave him, he can just as easily go find more. No big deal.

Obviously, nice guys and their counterparts are at two different extremes in the personality spectrum. It’s not necessarily good to be one or the other. A nice guy can still read books and drive his Toyota Corolla, but make more money at work if he just adds a little assertiveness into how he does things. There is no need to be the epitome of macho-ness. Starting fights and being reckless on roadways doesn’t prove anything except ignorance. Also, showing a lack of commitment in relationships only portrays a lack of morals in general. The not-so-nice guy is only in it for himself, and his counterpart is in it for the benefit of both parties. The nice guy just needs to stand a little taller and more firmly in place when encountered with resistance.

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