Unsolvable Part 2

Posted on April 28, 2012


“Wake up.”

Jimmy rolled over in his bed. He heard the voice but didn’t want to acknowledge it.

“Wake up.”

He put his pillow over his head.

“Wake up.”

Jimmy lay still.

“This isn’t Burger King, you can’t have it your way.” Jimmy heard the voice chuckle, and then the all too familiar sound of fingers snapping. The bed disappeared beneath him and he hit the floor hard. “Ow!” He rubbed the side of his head tenderly. He opened his eyes and saw darkness. Everything was black.

“I always wanted to tell that joke.” Jimmy looked to the other side of him. The counter part stood there, only he couldn’t see his head or arms, just his clothes, which were white. Jimmy stood and asked, “What’s with this?”

“A little change of pace.” The counter part snapped his fingers and Jimmy’s clothes turned white. “Change it back. Please?”

“Let me think about it.” A moment of silence passed. Jimmy said, “Hey!”

“Alright, alright.” The counter part snapped his fingers and everything turned white again. Now his head and arms looked disembodied as his clothes blended in with the surroundings. Jimmy looked down at himself. He too looked disembodied. The counter part laughed heartily. “Quit it!” The counter part sighed. “You’re no fun.”

“I thought this was hell.”

“It is. But even I’m a little bored of making you suffer.” He snapped his fingers, and their clothes returned to their original colors. He snapped his fingers again, and his black leather chair appeared behind him. He sat down and looked up at Jimmy. “You wanna play Scrabble? I’m terribly bored.” He clapped his hands together, and as they parted a Scrabble board appeared. While holding the board with his left hand, he clenched his right hand into a fist and opened it. A black pouch containing Scrabble pieces appeared as well. “Snap your fingers, would you?” Jimmy absentmindedly obeyed and a coffee table appeared between them. It took him a second to realize what he just did. “I can make stuff appear too?” As the counter part set the board and pieces on the table, he said, “Only if I want you too.” Jimmy decided to test that theory. He snapped his fingers and an M16 appeared in his hands. He smiled fiendishly and looked at the counter part. He smiled back at him. “You gonna’ kill me Jimmy?” He asked in a sarcastic tone. Jimmy took aim at him and pulled the trigger. A small, thin wooden rod with a piece of red cloth wrapped around it poked out of the barrel. The cloth unraveled, revealing a message in bold white letters: BANG! “I’m dead!” Mocked the counter part. He laughed.

Jimmy looked at the gun in astonishment. Suddenly it started to melt in his hands. He continued to stare at it in disbelief until it just disappeared. Then he sat down cross-legged and stared at the floor in deep thought. The counter part sighed and shook his head. “So much for Scrabble.”

They hadn’t spoken for a while, and the silence was getting to the counter part. He fidgeted uneasily in his chair. Finally he said, “Well go on, ask it.” Jimmy looked up at him. His thought process had been broken. “If you already know what I’m going to ask, why bother telling me to ask?”

“For the sake of conversation Jimmy.” The counter part stood and braced his hands on his lower back. He pressed forward, and a few little cracks sounded out. “That feels better.”

“Why do people do the things they do?”

“People are inherently selfish Jimmy.”

“But why?”

“I don’t know. I didn’t create humanity. Humanity created me. I’ve told you this before.” Jimmy fell silent. The counter part cracked his neck. “Listen my ignorant mortal, I’ll give you advice.” Jimmy gave him an odd look. “What good will advice do now?” The counter part waved his hand and said, “Just listen. People do things for their own benefit. When someone betrays you, lies to you, hurts you, it’s for their own benefit. Now in your case, you acted inherently selfish to being hurt, which would be good if you acted selfishly in the right way.” Jimmy was puzzled.

“Act selfish…in the right way?”

“Yes. You acted selfish in the way of why me, poor me, oh woe is me. You see? Selfish. It’s all me, me, me. You can’t help it. But what you can do is tell yourself, fuck them, they don’t benefit me, they don’t help me, I don’t need them. So you see, you must do what they did. Put yourself first.”

“But not all the time…”

“Oh of course. Only in those types of situations.” For the first time since Jimmy had arrived in this hell, he felt happy. He smiled at the Counterpart. “Thanks.”

He shrugged his shoulders. “Now, there isn’t much time.”

The woman banged her head on the car horn in frustration. It was around eleven at night, and the street light hadn’t changed for ten minutes. “Hurry up!” She banged her head against the horn again. A dog started barking in the distance.

“Do you want to see your future?” The counter part asked. “What does that have to do with time?” Jimmy was slightly annoyed. “Well you’re going to.” The counter part got down on one knee before Jimmy and put his right hand on Jimmy’s left cheek. Images of a wedding flashed before his eyes. Then someone was buying a house. That someone was him. He carried his wife through the front door. The images fast forwarded. He was in a hospital holding a baby. His first born. A son.The images fast forwarded again. He was in the same hospital holding another baby. His daughter. Again the images fast forwarded. He was taking his kids to school. His wife-though he couldn’t see her face-kissed him goodbye.

Everything started to shake around Jimmy and the counterpart.

The light had finally changed, and the woman made a U-turn. Her next turn was into the parking lot of an apartment complex.

Everything was shaking violently now. Cracks appeared all around them. Even some chunks began to fall and break into pieces. Darkness filled the empty space. The counterpart began to turn pale and his black clothes began to fade. Yet he continued focusing intently on Jimmy. Jimmy’s kids were in high school now and dealing with normal teenage problems.

The woman parked in the visitor’s parking area and got out. She hurriedly walked to the complex.

Jimmy was an old man now. His kids were all grown up and married. He was telling stories to his grandchildren.

The counterpart began to feel dizzy. Around them there was barely any white left. The darkness was about so consume them.

The woman stopped atapartment26. She knocked on the door and waited. No response. She knocked again, but louder. After another moment, there was still no response. Then she remembered something. A spare key was kept in the soil of the little plant next to the door. She crouched down and stuck her fingers in the pot and felt around. Eventually she found the key. She stood up and stuck it in the lock.

The counterpart pulled his hand away from Jimmy’s cheek. Jimmy looked at him with astonishment. He was bewildered at what he had just seen. “What happened to you?” He said, finally realizing that the counterpart had become translucent. “Don’t worry about it Jimbo.” He managed a weak smile. “How come I couldn’t see her face?” For a moment, the counterpart didn’t answer. Then finally he said, “You will. Everything will go dark. And then you will see her face.” There was a loud crack, and Jimmy looked up to see a large chunk of white coming down on them. Then everything went dark.


The voice was distant.


It sounded closer now.


It sounded even closer.


Jimmy opened his eyes and looked into the face of his friend Hope. She was crying. “Oh thank God!” She embraced him. He was still in his felt chair. Tears filled his eyes as he wrapped his arms around her and held her tight. It had all been a dream.

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