Everyone Has a Life Story

Posted on April 10, 2013



Photo courtesy of Facebook.

When I first saw this on my Facebook news feed, I was ecstatic. “My thoughts exactly!” I wanted to say. But when I looked at the comments accompanying this picture, it appeared that a lot of people considered it biased and untrue. One of the leading opposing comments read:

” It’s gotta be lovely being one of those wankers that thinks the world is actually like this -.-

“Waaahhh, everyone is a crazy wannabe Barbie with no individuality except for me who is the exception!”

Following that comment were dozens others that all made me really reconsider my thoughts about society. I know that lately I’ve had the tendency to generalize people as being sheep, being herded by the overpowering will of society. But now that I’ve given it more thought, I realize that this is not necessarily the case.

Everyone has their life story; the (forgive my poor choice of words) sluts, the macho shit-heads, the nerds, the intellectuals, the artists, the loners, the homosexuals, bisexuals, pansexuals…you get the idea. Even if they all seem to look and act  in a certain, similar, way, their reasons won’t be the exact same. The differences might be astronomical, or they might be minute. But the differences are there nonetheless. What I think the issue is, is that a disproportionate amount of individuals belong to a specific societal category that, as a result, gives the impression that there is no individuality.

As per this picture, the implication is that young women, in general, are a bunch of mindless Barbie dolls. Is this true? Obviously not. For there will be differences, as I have stated. In the case of all the women who look the same, the differences in their life stories might be minute, even if they aren’t apparent. In the case of the “error,” her life story is supposedly vastly dissimilar from the rest of the women. The error here, however, is that she is not the only one who stands out. In real life, this woman would be accompanied by many others like her.  This goes back to my theory about societal categories.

The categories depicted in the picture are that of the shallow, narrow-minded, promiscuous women, and the decent, modest, intelligent women. I believe that there is no lack of individuality among the former group, despite the implication, just that a disproportionate amount of young women belong to that category, dwarfing the size of the latter, and thus giving the general impression that individuality does not exist.

That’s what I think, anyway.

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