Love Yourself

Posted on July 30, 2014


Love yourself, or no one else will,

so they say. So hope, and work, and strive,

and be optimistic because, who knows? Maybe it’ll

happen one day.


So they say.


But when you’re all alone, and

no one else loves you, how do you

find any sort of comfort?

They tell you it comes magically from

within. Let’s say it does, what then?


You tell yourself, ‘I’m not worthless,

I’m worthwhile!’ And they all believe,

and then they love you.

But wait!

They believed you when you

thought you were nothing, too.

So who is really warped then?

The psycho or those who believe him?


It all wouldn’t be so stupidly

complicated, if only, it had all

started normally.

Love yourself once and always,

or not at all.



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