Posted on November 17, 2014


Testosterone and confidence intermixed.
Empathy and compassion don’t exist.
Opinions are facts, never question it.

Cruelty is the game,
Heartless is thy name.
Demand and conquer is my aim.

Lies and deception are the key.
You’ll never know the real me.

My only standards are what others see.
On my own, in the mood, I go for
Fat, flat, kind or cold, I do both,
young and old.
Never known rejection or bitter
Only the benefits of sexual

You think I’m an asshole,
duly noted.
When your opinion matters,
I’ll let you know it.
My ego feeds off the lack
of yours.
The nicer you are, the greater
theĀ distance at our cores.

I strive to make a point of
my greatness.
Always talking down your
Confidence shattered, mission

Constant supply of friends
and girls.
Please, come and go without
your quarrels.
I don’t care, and neither
should you.
You could easily be this
happy too.

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