Who the Fuck Cares?

Posted on May 27, 2016


Thoughts run through my head

Was I bad in bed?

Who knows, I feel dead.

Who the fuck cares,

She sure doesn’t.

So neither should I.

But I do, and why?

Because it’s not just her.

It’ll be all of them.

A perpetual loner.

Passionately loved once,

And never again.

Virginity lost,

but at what cost?

Confidence broken,

wounds ripped open;

and who the fuck cares?

It’s my pain to bare.

Healing for no reason,

Sad existence is constant.

Forever alone is a cruel joke,

I’m left desperate and broke.

Pain not felt since the fall,

but for any good reason at all?

Who knows? I don’t.

The happiness of others

a thorn in my side.

Memories uselessly

prop up my pride.


When the New Year came,

I asked for more, and got less.

Foolish was I, to think

normal was within my grasp.

Life is not so generous,

except to everyone else.

(They might disagree, and rightfully so)

But only seeds of pain life does sow,

Deep in my being, and lets them grow.

Who the fuck cares? I don’t know.

But I wish someone did.

And they might.

Is it enough?

I want to say yes!

Yes it is!

But that feeling in my gut,

it is eternal. Or so it seems.

It’s been there awhile,

dormant until it screams.

But all these words are meaningless;

To you, to me, to the long run.

So who the fuck cares?






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