Made to Last

Posted on July 16, 2016


Broken, alone and lost. 

Sitting before a panel,

Hearts all covered in frost. 

Among them, myself. 

The cruelest of the bunch. 

The only one to question,

While the rest judge.

Their minds already concluded,

Sentencing set to life. 

Yet I haven’t reached a verdict. 

Questions still remain. 

What forces conspire,

Wheedle, hinder, devise,

Or otherwise transpire,

Against me? 

A loving but distant Creator? 

Fate or evolution? 
An animal unfit for its species.

Set to die off and never be again,

As these things go. 

An animal unable to partake,

In the simplest necessities 

Of a simple existence. 

All the while, aware 

Of its simple shortcomings. 

Pain it has to endure. 

Can’t just be senselessly killed 

By one of its own. 

Can’t just die because of its failures. 

Made to last for no good reason. 

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