For Eternity

Posted on April 7, 2017


I finally found what to say,

To you, my confidant;

always receiving my feelings,

my thoughts, my troubles.

I’m alone; in heart, in spirit,

in mind.

She didn’t want me,

like they always don’t.

Friendship is enough,

for them, but not for me.

I wish I could decide,

when to have a meaningful connection;

when to feel human,

and when to not.

When to feel needed,

and loved.

Or when to feel content,

with no one but myself.

When myself is all

I’ve known,

it’s hard not to feel

all alone.

But they, they hardly


Discounted, are my feelings;

discounted, is my humanity.

A demon, am I.

Or a simple organism,

hell-bent on primitive modes

of survival;

all depending on interpretation.

Depending on whom

who wishes to destroy

what I am,

whatever that may be.

All I know is,

is that it’s just me.

For now, forever,

for eternity.

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