A Ghost

Posted on May 24, 2017


Today I want to talk to you about ghosting. For those of you who don’t know what that is, it is when you stop talking to someone. That’s being simply put. More so, it is when someone ceases all communication without explanation. There is a reason, mind you. But the person who stops communicating will fail to give it. This isn’t the sort of breakdown in communication that might entail the dissolution of a friendship. It’s an act that takes the place of an argument or some other confrontation. Like a covert operation, the offender will block you on any and all social media platforms, block your number, etc. And you won’t know it. You don’t see it coming until it’s already happened. It’ll dawn upon you when you don’t see them in your friends list; when text messages don’t deliver. When phone calls go straight to voicemail. And, if applicable, when you knock on their front door, receiving no answer.

The worst part about it is, you don’t know what happened. There’s no closure, no consolation. Just the myriad of situations, conversations, actions, words said or not said, that run through your mind. Anything but the real reason that this happened, because it was kept from you.

Now that we understand what ghosting is, we can talk about it. In my opinion, it’s pure cowardice. The person in question couldn’t bare to confront you and face the repercussions. But they are also scum, because your existence was so meaningless to them that whatever the problem had been, it wasn’t worth working it out.

Statistically speaking, men and women commit ghosting equally. However, women are more likely to do it. Men will equally ghost and be ghosted, whereas women ghost more than they are ghosted. This is probably due to the fact that men are more confrontational than women, but it hardly justifies it. No matter the gender, the act of ghosting will always be a cowardly, conniving, duplicitous act. And the people who engage in it are hardly worth the mental anguish that they put their victims through.

That’s all I have. For now, signing off.

Don’t be a Ghost.

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