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Ghosted: A Story of My Life

March 27, 2017


As I sit here listening to a sad song on repeat, the only thing keeping my soul warm is a glass of rum and coke. Every now and then I glance over my shoulder to see if my phone’s screen has lit up, meaning a notification of some kind; hopefully, of course, a text message. Particularly, […]

Hello, 2017

January 2, 2017


My coworker, an older, short Mexican man, walked over to the edge of the shop and asked, “Why do you look so sad? New Year depression?” I looked up at him and sort of grinned, having expected this conversation to happen. “I told you,” I said, referring to the answer I gave him earlier. “Women.” “Ah,” […]


December 29, 2016


Ben sat listening to his friend attentively. Everything that left her lips was absorbed and analyzed to great detail. Most of it hurt to listen to. It hurt because he felt her pain, and because he loved her. Loved her romantically, and also platonically. Or was it lustfully and platonically? He wasn’t sure, but platonically […]

Story of My Life (Pt. 2)

November 23, 2016


The other night, that twenty-three year old had the balls to do something ballsy: He went to his former chick friend’s apartment to talk to her. It was a completely impulsive decision, yet it took a good amount of courage to sum up. Isn’t that something? He had to summon up the courage to talk to someone […]

Story of My Life

November 12, 2016


There once was a twenty-three year old who felt broken. He’d felt this way plenty of times before, but this time seemed a little different. It seemed more definite. There might have been hope in the past, but now that hope had died. There was no fixing, only mending. He’s single, and has been for […]

The Present

December 7, 2015


I wanna talk to you, but I don’t know what to say. My ability to form words for you seems to be slipping away. Different thoughts come to mind, but none are able to take precedence over the other. They seem interlocked in an endless power struggle, leaving me empty in your presence. My right […]


April 29, 2014


To be a writer is to be invisible, unless you’re not. In a day and age where thousands of people express their thoughts and ideas in a variety of ways – whether it be Facebook, Twitter, blogs, or self publishing book companies – if you know how to write, it’s not much better than saying […]