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Still Thinking

December 15, 2017


About you, But why? I know I haven’t Crossed your mind. It’s been years; Since we talked, Since we- We’ll it wasn’t love, That we made. What was it? A scar, a painful Memory. That’s all it is, To me. What’s it to you? Nothing, I’m sure. How many came after? Literally (Lol) And, well, […]

Too good

August 28, 2017


For me, it seems. Or anyone, for that matter. On your High Horse, atop your Pedestal. Your chin aligned with the Gods. I look at you, unworthy; unsure if I should bow. But it dawns on me; you’re human. With the personality of a deity. All simply because you’re pretty. Anyone shows you love So […]

For Eternity

April 7, 2017


I finally found what to say, To you, my confidant; always receiving my feelings, my thoughts, my troubles. I’m alone; in heart, in spirit, in mind. She didn’t want me, like they always don’t. Friendship is enough, for them, but not for me. I wish I could decide, when to have a meaningful connection; when […]

The Rock

February 28, 2016


Stalwart, resolute and undaunted, unlike I, thoughts and feelings, worthless emotions, my mind constantly haunted.   Stoic, indifferent and unhindered, things I pretend to be. Broken and unhinged, my mind sufficiently withered.   I envy you in all your glory, persistent, stubborn and heedless. Perfection¬†as its meant to be. Something impossible to achieve, because I’m […]

It feels this way

January 28, 2016


It feels this way because it has to. because my mind enjoys the torment. the thoughts unleashed, undeterred; nothing remains in check. unfocused, unbalanced, anything but happy. Mouth sowed shut, soul all but lost; a world exists, but not existing, surrounding this empty being. No objective point of view, Sides have been decided. No reflection […]

Friends with Questions

December 9, 2015


An act, impulsive and carefree. No regrets, or so it seems. She¬†appears content, so do I. But questions arise, Why? And who else? Thoughts filled with lies. I won’t know, I won’t ask. Biting my tongue, no simple task. We’re just friends, be damned my questions.    


November 17, 2014


Testosterone and confidence intermixed. Empathy and compassion don’t exist. Opinions are facts, never question it. Cruelty is the game, Heartless is thy name. Demand and conquer is my aim. Lies and deception are the key. You’ll never know the real me. My only standards are what others see. On my own, in the mood, I […]