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Why I don’t do Politics

January 26, 2018


Gadsden and Culpeper. Don’t tread on me. The Evolution of Freedom followed by pictures of guns from the Revolutionary War to modern day. That’s the description of a shirt I bought to wear underneath my work uniform. Why? Because it gets cold at night, working outside. And I thought it was kind of cool. The […]

The way the day ends

November 10, 2017


Is with alcohol and a bully From the past, No doubt. What the fuck? How does that happen? I guess that’s beyond My pay grade. I think back to earlier: Trying to return a pencil, But she gets on her phone. I don’t want to be rude. Next week, I say. In the back of […]

So it goes

April 29, 2017


On the way home I spot numerous women in all-too-revealing cowgirl outfits: short-shorts, fishnets, crop tops, cowboy hats. The scene ignites an all-too-familiar loneliness that begins in the pit of my stomach as though I ate something that didn’t agree with it. Then it gradually works its way up to my mind, prompting a need […]

All the Others 

March 16, 2017


Most of the day I waited in apprehension for her response. Albeit, I wasn’t conscious for a few hours, not having slept much the night before. That helped ease some of my anxiety. I had a good feeling that I would get a response eventually, it’s just the darker side of my mind kept digging […]

Honey, do

January 5, 2017


this, honey, do that! Buy me these, bring me this, stat! While I text another man! Stay here, keep me safe. While I text another man! Keep me company, keep me sane. Until I find another man! Falling for me, are you? Try not to, if you can! Because when this is over, I will […]

Made to Last

July 16, 2016


Broken, alone and lost.  Sitting before a panel, Hearts all covered in frost.  Among them, myself.  The cruelest of the bunch.  The only one to question, While the rest judge. Their minds already concluded, Sentencing set to life.  Yet I haven’t reached a verdict.  Questions still remain.  What forces conspire, Wheedle, hinder, devise, Or otherwise […]


June 14, 2016


He sat on the edge of the cliff clumsily, nearly falling off. It was a miracle survival instincts managed to kick in after so much alcohol. But they did, and he caught himself, just barely. The dark forest below him was a blur intermingled with the twinkling city lights from beyond. He blinked rapidly and […]