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Goodbye, 2017 (Hello, 2018)

December 31, 2017


While sitting at Costco indulging in a slice of pizza that I shouldn’t be, a text pops up on my phone that instantly cuts through to a dark place in my mind. “Not like I got any of the chicks in Cali here ugh!” That’s one of my good friends, referring to the four women […]

Still Thinking

December 15, 2017


About you, But why? I know I haven’t Crossed your mind. It’s been years; Since we talked, Since we- We’ll it wasn’t love, That we made. What was it? A scar, a painful Memory. That’s all it is, To me. What’s it to you? Nothing, I’m sure. How many came after? Literally (Lol) And, well, […]

For Eternity

April 7, 2017


I finally found what to say, To you, my confidant; always receiving my feelings, my thoughts, my troubles. I’m alone; in heart, in spirit, in mind. She didn’t want me, like they always don’t. Friendship is enough, for them, but not for me. I wish I could decide, when to have a meaningful connection; when […]


November 17, 2014


Testosterone and confidence intermixed. Empathy and compassion don’t exist. Opinions are facts, never question it. Cruelty is the game, Heartless is thy name. Demand and conquer is my aim. Lies and deception are the key. You’ll never know the real me. My only standards are what others see. On my own, in the mood, I […]

A Portrait of Loneliness

October 16, 2013


He sat there, a portrait of loneliness; back against the wall, arms resting lazily on either side of him, legs casually outstretched. A gun lay just out of reach of his finger tips. His head was slumped, chin touching chest, eyes closed. Blood was splattered on the wall behind him, like the spewing lava of […]

I Can’t Sleep

October 4, 2013


I can’t sleep. Can you? Or are your thoughts Buzzing like an angry nest, Just like mine do?   What troubles your peace of mind? Love, life, friends, bills, Or all of the above? Does your heart ache With the many ills That all put together might Make your back break?   I’ll tell you […]

Happy Now?

September 1, 2013


Warm air blew against his face as he looked out at the twinkling city lights below. The tears streaming down his cheeks turned from warm to cool. “This city…” he mumbled, looking from side to side, taking in the scene before him. The starry-like resemblance gave everything a peaceful, disarming feeling. How could something so […]