Unsolvable: The Regret

Posted on January 13, 2012


Everything was suddenly dead silent. Eman couldn’t even hear Cate breathing. He brought his ear over her mouth and listened. Nothing. He shook her lightly. No response. He shook her a little harder. Still nothing. Then he tried speaking. Her name formed in his mouth, and his lips moved, but no audible sound came forth. Suddenly Cate was gone. No flash of light, no puff of smoke. She just disappeared. Eman blinked rapidly for a few seconds, not believing what he was seeing-or wasn’t seeing. Then there was laughter. Low, bellowing, coming from the darkness. Then another sound, like a wet towel being dropped on a hard floor. It repeated a few times until finally, something emerged from the darkness, slightly illuminated in the dim light.

A hideous creature towered over him. Broad shoulders, bent somewhat back, but the head craning forward; skin a sickly pale and resembling rubber; eyes milky white, mouth drooping on one side in a ghastly half-smile. The other half arced up in a half-smile; as if a normal smile from this creature would have been any more reassuring.

“A ghastly thing, the past,” it said. “I am Desiderium. And I” it extended its arm toward Eman, who pushed himself back up against the crate from the huge claw reaching for him. “Am here to remove you from the Realm.”

Eman snapped his fingers. A necklace of grenades appeared on Desiderium’s neck. It looked down at the necklace, then back at Eman. Its half-smile gone.

“See what happens,” it growled.

“I won’t.” Eman snapped his fingers with both hands. He disappeared before the blast.

Next thing he knew, he was free-falling. He looked all around him. Nothing but endless blue sky, and no ground in sight. What the fuck?

Desiderium appeared not far above him. It had no head. It extended its long muscular arms as it fell towards him. A loud pitch screech came from where the head had been. Eman snapped his fingers just as it got close enough to wrap its arms around him.

Eman appeared in the back of a classroom. All around him were high school students, talking, laughing. They were seniors, and they all seemed vaguely familiar…

My senior class!

At the front of the classroom wearing a black polo shirt and blue jeans, both stretched to their limits and torn in some places, was Deciderium.

Appearing in random places, things happening that make no sense and for no apparent reason…I’m in a dream! In my mind

Decidrium began thundering down an isle, knocking over desks and students, who acted as if nothing was happening. Eman smiled and stood from his seat.

Since this is my world…

He snapped his fingers and a gigantic mallet appeared his hands. He swung at the beast with all his might. Deciderium shrieked as the mallet made contact, and sent him crashing through three rows of desks and students, and eventually the door, landing on the sidewalk outside. Eman quickly ran through the destroyed desks and yapping students who lay on the floor, still cheerful and unaware.

Deciderium tried to get up, but Eman quickly brought the mallet down his chest. It let out another small shriek, almost like a pig squeal. He lifted the mallet up. A green and brown slime oozed from the empty cavity where its head had been. Then it let out a low rumble; a groan.

“What are you?” Eman asked.

It spoke; the words emerging from the empty cavity.

“My name…Deciderium…Latin for ‘the regret‘…. Angel Counterpart…created…me…from regret.”

Another groan.


“From minds. Minds…hold regret…from..”

“The past.”


“Shit. That’s not all minds hold from the past. Are there more like you?”

“Yes…Delictum…the guilt…and…Ignominia…the shame.”

“That’s it?”

“To…my knowledge.”

The large circular indentation in Decidrium’s chest began to fade.

Feeding off my regret.

“Regret can be a powerful thing…” Eman said under his breath. He snapped his fingers, and a boulder appeared over Deciderium-and dropped. There was no shriek.

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